TSF 300cc X3




$3999 Crate

$4249 Built with 6 months parts warranty with Thumpstar Australia.

TSF250 has been upgraded to a bigger bore, up to the popular 300cc piston and cylinder, more torque and more entertainmet in our orignal full size frame. Either trail riding or just chasing animals around the farm more torque for you.


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tsf150x3 Frame


 Updated Frame

In the frame department we have simply taken what works from our proven TSX230 and added a few tweaks here and there for the new X3 format, a sturdy well balanced frame makes handling the trails a treat and keeping that nimble feeling that you get on a little bike.


 Lightweight Alloy

Using what we learned in development of our AK7 wheel design, our trail bikes too now have stronger wheels with a 7000 series alloy rim, cast aluminium hubs, large bearings, and stainless spokes for reliability.

TSF 150 X3 Wheels
TSF 150 X3 Suspension


VS1 Front Forks

The continuous development of our VS1 suspension system has now allowed us to add VS1 to our latest range of Trail class bikes. Updated triple clamps & new valving allow the front end to handle on all the trails. Comfortable and smooth while not forgetting to let you feel the trail and maintain stability on the more technical tracks.



A redesigned frame came with requirements for a new exhaust header. The new head pipe from Thumpstar allows exhaust gasses to expand, cool, and ramp back up at a higher velocity when exiting. This results in a greater bottom, and low-end response while keeping the tuning in check for the top end.

TSF 150 X3 Header
TSF 150 X3 Linkage


Swingarm and Linkage developments

Updated X3 linkage geometry helps keep your rear shock in check for smooth rides over rough terrain and putting the power to the trail when needed. Ride the trails for longer, in more comfort with progressive rear shock performance.


Electric start

The TSF300 maintains the strength and reliability found within our 1st full size bike (TSX230) now in a trail specific format.

TSF 150 X3 Engine
TSF 150 X3 Airbox


 Updated Flow 

Continuing the update trend but also sticking to what works, here you will find the dual layer caged air filter and stainless mesh filter in the tried and tested airbox design that doesn’t restrict airflow. Whether you are on a dusty trail or get caught in the rain the X3 Airbox will help keep you going.

Waterproof Electronics

 Waterproof Connectors

All of our new bikes come equipped with redesigned looms and electronics. We have done away with single flimsy wires and connectors, and replaced them with heavy duty multi core wiring, and sturdy connectors. Accompanied by water proof plugs and electronics such as the Revking CDI, Rectifier, and Coil, this is a far superior package to any of the competition.

TSF 150 X3 Wiring
TSF 150 X3 Rear Axle

Rear Axle

 Lockheed Design

The X3 models also receive the Lockheed rear axle design but in a larger 25mm diameter. Keeping chain adjustment easy with only 1 nut to loosen, A lighter design than a solid axle but also stronger.



We used high-quality stainless steel material for strength and to look fresh for years to come, finished off with perfectly fitting springs.

TSF 150 X3 Footpegs


Thumpstar Colours

Free Spare Parts Kit

Thumpstar Free Spare Parts Kit

Product Packaging

Pitbike Assembly & Servicing


Engine CB | 4 Stroke | Air-Cooled
CC Rating 300cc
Gearbox Manual | 5 speed (1N2345)
Starter Electric Start
Carburetion PE 28mm
Exhaust Pipe Bomb Exhaust System
Final Drive 520 Chain
Top Speed 120kph/75mph (depending on gearing)
Suspension Front VS1 Inverted Forks | Length 830mm | 53/58.5
Suspension Rear Mono shock | 450mm
Brakes Front 260mm Disc | Dual Piston
Brakes Rear 240mm Disc | Single Piston
Wheel & Tire Front Alloy 7075 Rim | 80/100 - 19"
Wheel & Tire Rear Alloy 7075 Rim | 100/90 - 16"
Wheelbase (axle to axle) 1340mm | 48"
Seat Height 930mm
Product Weight N.W | G.W 103/122kg | 227/268lbs
Tank Capacity 6.3 Litres | 1.6 gallon
Product Packing Size 1690x460x830 | .65m3

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