ATV 70cc



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$1699 Crate
$1949 Built + 6 months parts warranty with Thumpstar Australia.

ATV70 Throttle Limiter

Throttle Limiter

Parental control is a must on any Youth ATV where a child is just starting out and learning how to ride. We here at Thumpstar have tailored the ATV70 to those junior riders who are learning, and given you, the parent or teacher, full control over your child's bike. With an easily adjustable throttle limiter, the speed and power delivery can be easily limited.

Electric Start

No kick required! Starting up these awesome little bikes has never been easier. Equipped with an electric start,

getting the ATV70 going is as easy as the single push of a button.

ATV70 Electric Start
ATV70 Rear Lanyard

Rear Lanyard

Safety is an important feature for kids just starting out and parents who are supervising. The ATV70 comes equipped with an emergency lanyard which can be attached to your child, or be held by you at a short distance, and will instantly kill the bike should it be pulled off.

MX Grips

Unlike traditional ATV’s, which often use oversized odd shaped grips, we have used MX styled half waffle grips which provide the rider with better comfort and durability. Specially formulated to achieve the optimum combination of strength, tackiness and shock absorption to suit every riding condition and individual style.

ATV70 MX Grips
ATV70 Rear Disc Brake

Rear Disc Brake

Something more important than the power to go fast is stopping power. The ATV70 is well suited for this. With rear disc brakes, it has more than enough stopping power to go from fast to stopped in the blink of an eye.

Fully Automatic

Where young riders are still coming to grips with how to handle a motorcycle, not having to worry about too many features is important. The ATV70 has a centrifugal clutch and fully automatic gearbox which allows the beginner rider to learn throttle control, braking, and balance without having to simultaneously learn how to deal with a clutch and changing gears.

ATV70 Fully Automatic

Product Packaging

Pitbike Assembly & Servicing

Stability Test Result / Warning

Stability & Warning

Specifications (ATV 70 YOUTH QUAD)

Engine Loncin | 4 Stroke
CC Rating 70cc
Gearbox Fully Automatic
Starter Electric Start
Carburetion 19mm
Exhaust Standard | 28mm Exhaust System
Final Drive 420 Chain
Top Speed 45kph(depending on gearing)
Suspension Front Double A-Arm | Dual Shock Length 250mm
Suspension Rear Mono shock | 260mm
Brakes Front Drum
Brakes Rear Disc | Single Piston | Dual Park Brake
Wheel & Tire Front Steel Rim | Tubeless | 145/70 - 6"
Wheel & Tire Rear Steel Rim | Tubeless | 145/70 - 6"
 Roll Over Stability  37° 


Wheelbase (axle to axle) 830mm | 33"
Seat Height 620mm | 24"
Product Weight N.W | G.W 85kgs
Tank Capacity 4.3 Litres | 1.1gallon
Product Packing Size 1160×730×640mm | .60m3

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