TSC 140cc



Our baseline models have provided our customers with an exceptional package for an affordable price. The TSC140 is nothing short of that. By making changes, which increase the strength of our baseline models, we think we have set the standard for the pitbike industry.

The TSC140 has received our signature stealth plastics which give is a sleek look, and makes it clearly distinguishable from knock-off brands. The frame has been redesigned with a wrap around frame which provides a much stronger package, and accommodates a stronger swing arm.

The 140cc engine offers relliablity & performance, while maintaining the famous TSB value by packing it between our standard frame and basic wheels and suspension.

TSC125 Forged Clamp

Forged Clamps


Building a bike that lasts has been paramount to us here at Thumpstar. We have re-engineered the triple clamps on the TSC140 and produced a heavy-duty forged package that will stand up against hard knocks and bumps.

Wrap around Frame


Traditional mini bikes produced by our competitors have a CRF50 style frame. We went back to the drawing board and applied our knowledge from larger, heavier duty bikes. The new TSC140 frame is what we call a wrap-around frame where the swing arm sits between it and the engine, which reduces stress on the bearings and gives the overall system better strength.

TSC125 Wrap Around Frame
TSC125 Waterproof Wiring

Waterproof Wiring


Building a bike that will last has been a main focus of ours since the beginning. This means we have to produce a motorcycle that will stand the test of time and exposure to the elements. We have given the TSC125 the same waterproof wiring system that its bigger brothers, the TSX125 and TSX140, have.

Stator Guard


Rider protection is a feature that we take into consideration when producing any bike. We redesigned our stator guard firstly to protect the rider from any sort of chain grab around the foot, but also to protect the engine should the chain or sprocket malfunction and let go.

TSC125 Stator Guard
TSC125 Stripe Seat

New Plastics Stripe Seat


The TSC140 has had a bit of revamp on many levels, we thought since our mid and full size bikes were getting new skins, the TSC140 shouldn't be left out. It has received the full stealth plastics kit accompanied by our new gripper striped seat, giving a sleek and stealthy new look.

26mm carb


Reliability comes with using trusted brands of parts. The TSC140 now includes a 26mm carburetor, which allows us to faithfully say that the performance and reliability of these bikes have been greatly improved on from previous models.

TSC125 Carb


TSC125 Brands

Free Spare Parts Kit

Thumpstar Free Spare Parts Kit

Product Packaging

Pitbike Assembly & Servicing


Engine YX| 4 Stroke
CC Rating 140cc
Gearbox Manual | 4 Speed (N1234)
Starter Kick
Carburetion 26mm
Exhaust Standard 28mm Exhaust System
Final Drive 428 Chain
Top Speed 90kph / 55mph (depending on gearing)
Suspension Front Conventional Forks | Length 630mm | 33/40mm
Suspension Rear Mono shock | Length 285mm
Brakes Front Disc | Single Piston
Brakes Rear Disc | Single Piston
Wheel & Tire Front Steel Rim | 70/100-14
Wheel & Tire Rear Steel Rim w/ Rim Lock | 80/100-12
Wheelbase (axle to axle) 1060mm | 42"
Seat Height 780mm | 31"
Product Weight N.W | G.W 65/75kg | 143/165lbs
Tank Capacity 3 Litres | .80 gallon
Product Packing Size 1320x355x640mm | .31 m3

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