Dylan HEARD #90 MX1 PRO

Qualifying went as smooth as a super muddy day can go, I only put in a few laps to try to save the bike, ended up p11.

Race 1 : I didn’t get the greatest start but fought through the pack and mud to end up p8. 

Race 2 : Started of much better inside the top 10 and put my head down all Moto for a strong ride breaking into p5.

Moving up into p8 in the standings so far for the season and well within range to move up! Looking forward to the last 2 rounds.

Sean HEARD #172 MX2 PRO

Day was not looking good due to the weather, came out qualifying with 7th which wasn’t to bad for not really getting a full lap in.

Race 1 I had the inside gate, got a good start and ran in 3rd for most of the race but made a few mistakes and dropped to 5th for the finish.

Race 2 I had a similar start and was in 7th, made a couple of passes early to 5th and held that for the rest of the race.

Ended with 6th overall with a couple of saves from feet getting blown off from mud on jump faces and ruts.

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