Manjimup 15000 International Motocross


Hello No Limits Moto customers present and future. Our blog this week focuses on the largest event on the Western Australia motocross (MX) calendar. I’m referring of course to the “Manjimup 15000”!

For those not familiar with the event, and its significance, the event first began in 1980 and the event’s title derived from the $15,000 first prize for those competing in the premier open class race. In past years, competitors from Australia, New Zealand and as far away as the United States have made the trek to the South-West regional town.

The race is a huge favourite with fans as it takes place over the WA Day long weekend. Practice Friday, Juniors and the introduction of the Women’s own class races on Saturday, Seniors and All Stars main event on Sunday.

2016 saw Todd Waters take the win from Kirk Gibbs and Jamie Law.

This year sees Cody Cooper from New Zealand, Todd Waters, Luke Styke and Kirk Gibbs from Queensland, A.J. Catanzaro and Deven Raper from the United States and Pierrot Junior Slegers from Belgium to mention just a few of the national and international competitors in the event.  

This awesome track is one of the most demanding with a mixture of hard pack and very sandy terrain giving the most experienced suspension technicians massive headaches on setups. Which terrain do you prioritise for or is it a matter of compromise?

Weather is looking ideal for the weeknd at 19c, let us know your experiences of the Manjimup 15000 past or present!

Until next time, ride fast, ride safe and enjoy!


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